Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meg Cesarina from Wildwood, NJ

Meg (top and center) originally from Washington DC now lives in Wildwood, NJ.  This 27 year old babe measures 5'9", 126 lbs. and a 34D.  People would probably say her best physical features are her legs and full lips.  Currently she is a bartender for the summer before starting law school this coming fall with dreams of becoming a criminal prosecutor.  In Meg's spare time she enjoys beach running, yoga and passionate about physical fitness in general.  Her turn-ons include tough guys who can defend her, have a little attitude, tattoos, rough hands, witty banter, and ones with regional accents (especially Boston).  Beware though because this Irish-Italian babe can fight and drink guys under the table if need be.  Her turnoffs include cheesy guys, hair gel, waxed eyebrows and wimps who never get jealous.  Her favorite MMA fighter is Gina Carano, she is definitely a personal role model, such a sexy bad ass!  Of course the guys are all tough and sexy but I really admire her as a woman and an athlete.  We normally don't include group pics as we are focusing on the individuals aspiring to be MMA babes but sometimes three sexy MMA fans are better than one!

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